Bye bye Seattle!

19 12 2015

A very interesting, hard, productive, entertaining, challenging, inspiring, motivating and even refreshing week working with at the Seattle headquarters!

Last breakfast on American soil and focusing on the excellent fruit buffet of the Seattle airport Marriot hotel…


refreshing morning

Funny enough it reminds me of some Chinese hotels…

Happy weekend folks, and I’ll be home Sunday early morning probably dead tired.. Monday is going to be an interesting day at work!

Wish me luck!!! 😉

On the way to Seattle!

11 12 2015

Tomorrow morning I will fly to Seattle for one week work at our company head quarters: an unexpected business trip when I thought my traveling year had ended and the last weekends of 2015 would have been fully dedicated to Amsterdam!

But also the kind of offer I am happy to accept, for visit again our HQ and maybe a chance to see again some eagles!

And maybe, as well, visiting Aikido Seattle dojo!!

Let’s see, because it will be lots of work together with the American colleagues.. push hard so we can all enjoy a better end of the year!


13 11 2013

Walking back from the company to the hotel using a track in the woods I could admire two eagles sitting on tree branches 20 meters or so apart.

It look like they were talking to each other, majestic birds, immediately recognized by the shape, but at the same time surprised and uncertain to see them at such a low altitude.

Then a chat with a couple of locals that has stopped to take pictures confirmed my first thoughts.

Mobile picture is bad, but later I’ll post a few better ones….


Definitively in the US!!

11 11 2013


Jesus knows all about my sins, says the flier I found in a toilet at Seattle Tacoma airport..

Very American, but it could be Russian as well since being gay is considered a sin, as drunkenness, playing with the occult (!), filthy talk, witchcraft and stubbornness!!!!


Officially in the Netherlands!

10 11 2013

Even if I haven’t officially started to work here, now after a little more than one week I have done all the formal registrations steps as a foreigner moving to the Netherlands. I still lack a couple of documents for the Italian AIRE (Italians living abroad registration) but the most is done.

After getting at once a place to live and therefore being able to register a permanent address at the town hall and for the social security number, I also got something called EU-sticker that I guessed to be related to the taxation, especially when I saw this below, a few meters from the building entrance 🙂 :


But it is actually from IND: the Immigration and Naturalisation Service an it’s a registration for EU citizens living in the Netherlands.

The official stuff was followed by opening a bank account and the more vital task of visiting IKEA. Two trips there, where I got a little bit of everything:



The second trip carrying the clothes drier and a carpet beside a full IKEA bag and filled backpack happened under the typical evening rain. It included some swearing!!

After these days then Sunday I will be off to Seattle, USA, together with other 3 newly hired people for one week of super intense training! That’s gonna be tough!