Norwegians at Sport Combat 2013

12 10 2013

Not only Thy Thy, but also Kim now has finished his video for the Sport Accord event in St. Petersburg this year, representing Norway

Swedish to Sport combat games 2013!

16 09 2013

I’m happy to add also the video of the Swedish Aikido representative to Sport Accord event in St. Petersburg this year, a couple I had the pleasure to meet several times on the mats at various seminars especially in Vanadis dojo in Stockholm:

They will make a great show there with also my Norwegian friends..

Sport Accord World combat games 2013

13 09 2013

I have just learnt that a couple of dear friends will represent Norway at the Sport Accord event in St. Petersburg this year.

Thy Thy, fellow instructor and trainer in Oslo Aikido club during my short time there, has posted this nice action video:

The other ambassador from Norway is Kim André from Bergen Aikido club.

I am sure I will have soon another video to post 😉

After all these nice videos, and the amazing participation of Christian Tissier sensei in the first edition of the games in Beijing in 2010 it will be more difficult to explain that Aikido is not a sport!! 😉