HDR photography

5 09 2010

I have 71 drafts in my blog queue, posts started long ago and stories half written.. but today, as I promised myself long ago, I am spending the afternoon enjoying photography and photo editing programs again!

It has been too long!!!!

But with the crappy eee PC I rarely manage to get enough “kick” working with pictures. Now, my shiny Toshiba got enough kick!! 😀

I worked a bit on a couple of RAW (NEF) pictures I took during the Tai Ping lake and city business trip, using 2 programs, one open source, Qtpfsgui, and one commercial, Photomatix Pro.. and the former actually gives much better results 😀 It means I have to learn much more about Photomatix!!

Tai Ping city - HDR


Tai Ping city - HDR