Vienna: 27 degrees!!!

17 07 2009

Yo people!!!

Greetings from Vienna! At 23 o’clock there are 27 degrees.. cool!! 🙂

Tomorrow morning Aikido and Iaido practice with Margit and tomorrow evening a local festivity in the 1000 inhabitants village where she lives! Perfect way to start an exciting holiday of friends, practice and.. friends!!

Vale - 17th May 2000 - TrondheimUNRELATED COMMENT
Talking about friends, special friends, after many years I found on facebook the girl of this picture.. Out of curiosity about her life, but not only, I asked her to be contact. Given that my close past sucks and my present is quite cloudy and foggy, I want to see what happens now of something related to my far past. But I do not want to take this past into my present! My present and future has other directions.. east.. yeah!! 😉
19-July-2009: 2 days passed since she accepted my contact, I left a short message and a link to this picture, but got no answer and I had time to think. I sort of contacted her hoping that a long almost forgotten past could help me to forget a close painful past. Wrong! And I realized I do not really care about her anymore. So I closed the link today. Better for sure!

14 hours!

7 05 2009

That was my working day today!!

I’m dirty (most of the day was in the workshop, no desk engineer work!!), smelly, tired, greasy..

It reminds me the days and nights at Ullrigg in Ocotber 2007 for the prototype qualification, a very intensive week ended with a special first  date with a person that has been special (in good and bad) until the end of 2008..

Not sure I want the same end for this period! But I already know I will have a new experience ready waiting for me not much after the date of this coming test.. 😀

Now, at least for some relaxing thoughts, I have imported some of good Shanghai feelings at home:

a little of Shanghai at homeThanks girl!

Referred to my friend comment on yesterday post, I use the oven in “warmer” seasons as liquor shelf.. Do not worry, Svein, I am not starting the fire before moving all the bottles.. and with your help the dear friend single malt whiskey will finish soon!! 😀

Powerful Muse

16 04 2009

Full of energy.. too much maybe because of the jet-lag 😉

I am going to Stockholm this weekend: it was supposed to be Christian Tissier seminar, but it was next canceled for his personal reasons.. so I will stay and practice at Vanadis dojo!

Good for me, anyway, since both Jorma Lyly and Jan Nevelius are two of my great “Aikido-muse”.. inspirations!! 😀 And Aikido is so relaxing when done properly, with good instructors!!!

traffic...... stress......UNRELATED COMMENT
My blog, and therefore WordPress, is now visible in China too!! It seems that the banning has been lifted, I hope permanently! Apparently it was part of the Great Firewall of China. It was good when I was in China, to be able to open the dashboard too, not only trying to upload something (little) from flickr!!

Coffee overload!

24 02 2009

Yeah, not for myself, but for the coffee machine we have at work!!!

It has been taken today off to service: it seems that 7000 cups in one year pushed the mechanics to its limit!!!

We certainly love coffee here (and we are max 7-8 people that drink!!)

a morning.. full of HopeUNRELATED COMMENT
There is always hope!!! Now I am sure of that, thanks to my favorite internet magazine, the onion,I am sure that out there there is a pretty asian young girl waiting for me, just another “…balding Midwesterner who carry most of his weight in his stomach…”

I want a girl!!!

4 01 2009

I want a girl that can talk for hours of her things, not noticing that she lost me in the first ten minutes, but she can stay assured that I will follow as best I can and answer here and there and comment properly.. I love to listen to my girl talking, no matter what..

I want a girl that can listen to me at least 10 minutes, pretend to be interested, ask me with some feelings how my day was and caring for no more than 10 minutes about my talk.. I am a great listener, but I like to talk also a bit and see some interest in my girl eyes..

I want a girl that show some interest in what I do or love, before I met her: she might hate it or not approve it, but a few things in my life are extremely important, I can, with time, learn to dedicate less time to them but I do not want that she hates them.. more we can share more we will make strong our relationship.. we will both make compromises..

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Off to Trondheim

14 11 2008

This afternoon I will travel to Trondheim!

I haven’t been up there in ages: I really miss my sweet house, my friends, my little town..

And it iwill be an extra super good Aikido seminar with Jan Nevelius! A good further check for my wrist (not getting worse, not getting better), my condition and probably another small step toward my decision in grading to nidan sometime next year..

I hope also to see some snow!!!
(I doubt there will be like in the picture though)

Yesterday it came a sentence from an Italian court of law that showed that in Italy police can really do what the fuck they want, with no chance to judge them. With already a right-wing government that has no respect for individual rights, this has shown how much respect law has of individual freedom. Zero.. Nulla.. (both links are to Italian comments)

Jump to the past!!

11 11 2008

Yesterday night I saw this picture posted on FaceBook by a good friend from the ancient times.. oh god!!! What a huge leap to the past!!

As my friend said, the line-up is:

standing from the left sitting from the left
Eleonora Serra
Rossana Grosso
Fabrizia Botta
Marilena Massarenti
Eleanna Bellini
Roberta Giraudo
Emanuela Cattaneo
Patrizia Momo
Eleonora Pozzo
Serena Termine
Donatella Perotto
Barbara Grillo
Barbara Rodighiero
Viviana Bergantin
Elena Conversano
Our beloved teacher:
Maestra Sig.ra Argentina Giaretti.
Christian Regis
Andrea Raviglione 😀
Nicola Zurlo
Claudio Pessa
Andrea Di Stefano
Andrea Bonino
Stefano Ferrari
Gianluca Lazzari
De Giuseppe Luca
Marco Ribaldone

Kind of strange getting the picture yesterday night. Surprise and joy for the above picture together with my one day of grieving for the change in worse of my relationship with pretty 韩旭. My dinner was 2 small cinnamon bread, 1 bit of chocolate before practice and 1 beer, a few Bayley’s shots and 4 small glasses of Glenfiddich after practice.  I saw it coming, but it hit me hard anyway. That is the whole grieving I can allow myself. She told me square and clear she deserves better, and I basically agree. I could not hope she meant a better version of me… In a way also this relationship has suddenly jumped to the past, or better, she jumped past me.. I wish her luck! But I am not happy…