A candle for Norway..

23 07 2012

A monster tried to take our humanity.. and failed.. but took too many lives..

You are missed…

life in Hefei

Against the monster!

26 04 2012

Raise your voice:

40 thousand small voices to cover the mad words of a worthless bag of bones.. may he be silenced forever, but suffer and suffer more!

Thoughts from Italy to Norway

28 07 2011

sammy and paoloAn old and extremely good friend of mine, who also had an exchange student experience in Trondheim, Norway (where I met a lot of really good people and started my Norwegian life) wrote a very nice article after these dramatic days for the place we both learned to love (this time it’s in Italian):

Jens Stoltenberg è il mio Presidente del Consiglio

It is related to the idiocy that right-wing-idiots around Europe managed to say, starting from an Italian one and followed by French, Danish, Swedish.. and how the Norwegians reacted to this..

..with words full of love, freedom..

Not a surprise so many people fell in love for Norway and for Norwegians, for their way of living and thinking, that will not change even now.. even after all this pain..

..and now at lunch break, at work, I am reading that thousand of Norwegians expressed support on the net to the family of the monster..

This is being Norwegian!

Words from hell

27 07 2011

The courage of a survivor to write down everything she experienced that terrible day..

I hope, for her sake, that writing will help her to survive..


..breath Emma, remember to breath!!

Better Norwegian than Italian!

27 07 2011

Once more I am disgusted by the Italian politicians, once more I feel I do not belong anymore to the same country as these people come from, once more I think that if I was not traveling so much (selfish, I know) I would like to burn my passport in front of the Italian government building.. once more I hope that all these bloody politicians will soon end their career in the government and some of them will find the right punishment for the bad things they have or thought..

Amazing that for once I do not speak about our prime minister, 贝卢斯科尼 (Bèi lú sī kē ní), but another component of his government wasted a great chance in these sad days after Norwegian massacre by the hand of a mad right wing SOB.

While all the right parties in Europe, Norway and England especially, extreme right as well, say they have nothing to do with this crazy b@st@rd, one Italian “politician” praises Norway’s killer ideas!!!

This squalid, filthy person decided to share his deep thoughts with the rest of the world defending also another ignoble person, that at least conducted most of her life with dignity, except losing contact with reality after retirement.. (never understood why the big Italian newspapers supported the rantings of an openly racist old woman that got far too much attention and was taken far too lightly).

This thing is a member of the European Parliament! He has been elected by Italians to go there and represent Italy in the highest official organization for Europe. When he speaks he does it for Italy, to represent Italy. I am Italian. I do not want to be Italian anymore!

But since this disgusting animal is a public person, we can all be happy that there is a homepage with his official email address where it may be possible to send the thoughts of human beings, the thoughts of people that has a brain inside their head, or just maybe register him to the proper services that internet provides very easily, write your email and press subscribe.. maybe an evening course about how to use your brain..

I cannot write here what I really wish for this kind of people.. I did it actually, but then I removed it, because I do not want to put myself on the same level they are.. it is too low..

I am against death penalty, not for reasons like “life is sacred” or religious stuff, no, I am against because it is too easy for people, sorry, monsters like the Norwegian one. Too fast, too easy: he must suffer every day of his miserable life. A good prison (not a Norwegian one) where every day he is going to be beaten up when the guards look on the other side (the monster pumped himself up with steroids and testosterone in order to have more chances in prison). Then sent to infirmary, fixed up fast, and again from the top, from the beating.

Now, this “politician” that supports the monster’s ideas.. let just put him in a closed hall together with the friends and relatives of the children killed on the island. Just once. It might be enough and I am pretty sure it won’t change much for the idiot: he is already brain dead now, how worse can he become?

Hand in hand for Norway

25 07 2011

Add yourself to the link..

Hold sammen – hold hender

[Translation: Stay together – Hold hands]

Click where it is written “Klikk her for å styrke lenken” to strengthen the link!


"If one man can show this much hate, think how much love we can show together" - Stine Renate Håheim (survivor from Utøya)

My heart cries for Norway

25 07 2011
“If one man can show this much hate, think how much love we can show together” – Stine Renate Håheim (survivor from Utøya)