End of year 1Q84

19 10 2012

Not the first time I hang on the last words of a book for much longer than possible. Just two pages before the ends, that lasted so long. I postponed the moment of reaching the last line, the last word, because it was so good, it was another master piece of Haruki Murakami.

I took it with me at my second interview, this time in Yangzhou, and I got a lot of time for reading, both there and on the train. Still I stop before the last words, I wanted to be in a more familiar and relaxing environment the moment I reached the last page.


The packing at home is almost ready as well. I still haven’t taken a definitive decision, some more things must be finished here, but anyway for the end of next week I will have a step out of the door, and more probably..

Today felt like a good day for closing the book. At least it won’t take space and weight in the packages of my stuff! God, as usual, I collected so much stuff in 2.5 years! Always difficult for me to throw away things!

1Q84.. the end..

The book will pass to a friend and maybe more later. A book must keep on being read, this book deserves just more eyes upon!

1Q84 has been a good travel companion! I’m sure it will be also for someone else!

2 years..

17 09 2012




Amazing, uhm? 🙂

Slender West Lake in Yangzhou

12 09 2012

One day trip, several more pics are coming soon..

Slender West Lake

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – On the train back to Hefei, one of the “slow” K-train, I noticed something that took some time understanding: the ticket officers actually go around the train selling stuff! And I am not talking about selling food as in all other train around the world, but they sell toys, charger for mobile phones, gadgets typical of night markets (10 yuan stuff, just to be clear!) and a whole bunch of these things.. I could not understand and 潘蕾 did not know either where the money was going: is the money for the train service or (as I think!) it is just a little extra for the workers?? 😉