Visit to ZhouShan!

26 05 2010

PsydeeLast friday night I took a night train to Ningbo, in the hard sleeper compartment. It was not hard a tall, especially compared to my bed at home!! As soon as I met my gorgeous friend Psydee, we took a bus to her home town, ZhouShan,  舟山, a very special island group off the coast of Ningbo. I was very excited both for meeting again Psydee after more than one year (April 2009 in Ningbo) and also because this was my first weekend trip since I moved to China, for one like me that was used to travel every weekend!! 🙂 Not that I compare my social life in Hefei with my (zero) social life in Stavanger.. or that I complain.. 😉

Stone sculpturesAlways special for me to visit a new place not as a tourist, but together with local people: even more special this time since I was guest of Psydee’s family and Psydee’s mother has been extremely nice with me, taking us around by car, making and offering amazing good food!! But also the sand beach of Zhoushan is where it takes place a special sand sculptures exhibition, with artist from everywhere in the world. It was amazing!! And just on a smaller island, 塘头岛 (tang tou dao) , owned by an artist called 朱仁民, Zhu Ren Min, there were his sculptures in stone, an amazing exhibition of expressivity and imagination in the form of Buddhist monks.. a walk on the side of the sea giving such a peaceful and relaxing feeling!

Best fish!Saturday evening, Psydee’s mum took us to what I can only call “seafood paradise”.. A huge hall with along the long side several (30-40) small seafood exposing tables, like the picture on the side.. In front of the seafood boot, there was a restaurant area with 2 rows of 3-4 tables. Each boot has its own restaurant sector. So you choose the food you want, the extra side dishes, they cook it straight away, and then it’s only pleasure!!! 😀 I guess a few Norwegian friends and not only would really enjoy this place!!!

Food and company, great time visiting new places and getting closer to old friends.. what a great start for my weekend trips in China!!! Extra special was also meeting Psydee’s grandparents, a couple full of vitality, above 70 years of age: I had been told that, otherwise it was impossible to guess!!!

Also Sunday morning we visited a bit more Zhoushan and a small mountain were Psydee used to go with her school, when she was a little girl! First time back in 10 years for her.. and a good time there for me! And then, Psydee’s mum made wonton in soup: super yummyyyyyyy!!! Great lunch before we got a ride back to Ningbo from a firend of Psydee’s family.. and more about the great evening in Ningbo later!!