This is NOT China!

18 07 2014

One too many..

Contacts, friends on FB are circulating a video of an Asian market place where they keep rats in cages and then they “prepare” them for food, including the killing and the cutting..

The video is this one (someone might be disgusted, your own risk to watch it or not!):

..and even if also the idiot that posted it on Youtube claimed it is in China, language and clothing identify it at once as Vietnam (or, Mekong area, but other searches on Youtube say it is typical in Vietnam).

Now, many people in Europe seem to know only China as Asian country, and of course they seem to look for any excuse to make fun of Chinese people and tradition and culture.

This is one of those cases that ignorance becomes idiocy: I lived there, I have seen lots of funny and weird things, things I would probably not eat, other things I tried, like the crickets on skewer in Lijiang (my philosophy is to try everything, then decide if I like it or not). In Chinese traditional medicine some bugs are used in the curative mix.

But maybe people forget “delicacies” like haggies:


..or other animal parts like testicles are recognized as special food in several countries..

One thing is anyway sure:

I miss a lot Chinese food!!!



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