Back to Stavanger!

26 08 2014

No, not moving back, just a long weekend for Aikido of course, and a walk to Prekestolen, long time no do!

All in all a great check to see my condition level: I am in pain for both elbow and knee, so I do not have big hopes to perform at high level on the mats or walk fast on the mountain slope, but it will be a check in preparation of October – Indonesian trip.

Anyway, my practice won’t notice in a seminar rich of very good level people from all over Europe: Marc Bachraty sensei visit to Jushinkan Stavanger dojo has become a fixed appointment in their calendar and several Aikidokas have made the trip more than once for the great practice and atmosphere in the dojo.

For me another great chance to meet old friends, both Aikido ones and not. Another chance to practice after a summer where my knees did not touch much tatami. Another chance to see if the physiotherapy of my elbow has been a little useful or not (I am thinking not lately, in fact I do not think there will be much physio after this seminar). Another chance to see again a little more of Stavanger after some time. And probably enjoy again :-)

I can say it is another chance also to get back writing on the blog: I did start a few posts dedicated to some of the many amazing teachers I met (all from only my personal point of view of course) and I definitively want to keep on writing, but the summer has flown away with so little practice and so many other things that very little came out here. Also right now I got myself in a very annoying situation related to money, bank and internet.. that I hope to manage to get out without too large losses.. and this does not help..

Anyway, even if the summer is over, winter is coming, for me it is going to be more or less the first summer Aikido practice that I hope will lead me into a good beginning of the autumn, both Aikido wise and mentally.. with the hope to manage to preserve my physical condition until Irie sensei seminar in Indonesia. And then for the week after the seminar, for some travel/vacation in Bali with 2 good friends!

First though a quite long flight via Frankfurt, arrival late night and then get to the dojo, for the first and only night alone, when I will not need the ear plugs! From tomorrow it will be most probably a… completely different music!


Hello Stavanger, I’m back..

23 05 2014

…even if only briefly!

This weekend I am back for the Aikido seminar with Roberto Martucci, 6.dan, at Jushinkan new dojo.

I left Stavanger April 1st, 2010, directed to China, after 4 years there and lots of life experiences on the work, friend, Aikido, love sides:

4 years ago in Stavanger...

Now I will be back, a little more than 4 years after, for one short weekend dedicated (almost) entirely to Aikido. With the flight I could get there will not be time for anything else..

Funny that I will travel through Frankfurt airport: in the past months I have been quite a few times in Frankfurt, but it is ages I do not pass by the airport!! Hope in no delays (today and Sunday), that the Germans will be… Germans!!

Play Rock Music Festival

1 07 2012

Friday night I went to a local rock music festival, and it was great!!

Play Rock Music Festival 2012 Play Rock Music Festival 2012

Really missing live music here in Hefei and this was a very good experience!

SUBS @ CementenThe main reason I went yesterday was for one band I saw many years ago.. in Stavanger!! The SUBS, punk from Beijing. But they changed a lot the line-up (even a laowai drummer, not bad at all) and the sound as well, less punk, more metal. I do wonder if the singer was the same (some face resemblance) but the energy she put on the stage was the same. The show was indeed enjoyable:

Just before SUBS, a nice energetic trio opened the evening on the big stage, 谢天笑 “Xiè tiānxiào”:

SUBS were then followed by a singer, 郝云 “Hǎo yún”, and his band with several different instruments, that in some ways reminded of a Norwegian singer called Lillebjørn Nilsen:

The way they alternated different music styles was quite funny, especially when it came the last band/singer of the evening, 崔健 “Cuī jiàn”. In my mind, SUBS would have been perfect to warm up the public before 崔健, definitively not the sort of ballads/folk music of 郝云!!

Anyway, hope you’ll also enjoy 崔健:

Play Rock Music Festival 2012 Play Rock Music Festival 2012

Was it a joke?

1 04 2012

1st of Arpil, April Fools’ Day: never been too fond or too looking forward to this day.. Never got fooled too badly and I do not think I have ever organized a prank to anyone else.. if I did I don’t think it was on this day!

But I am pretty sure some of my friends 2 years ago thought I was fooling them when I said:

“..on April 1st (2010) I will move to Hefei, China for working in a Chinese company in semiconductor industry..”

That day, 2 years ago, I took the last picture of Stavanger, the house where I lived for 4 years.. just before my dear friend Bob took me to Sola airport..

4 years ago in Stavanger...

I wonder how many believed it at that point or the days after… :-)

Anyway, get fooled or not, I am still in China, starting my third year in Hefei..

No kidding!!!!! ;-)

Twisted Machine

19 01 2012

Yesterday night, sitting in “After School”, a tiny bar here in Hefei where the only to reason to go are the owner friendship with a friend of mine (sometimes a free beer then) and usually quite good rock-metal music.. and I discovered  this band: 扭曲的机器, Twisted Machine (from Beijing)!!

And just for remaining in Chinese alternative rock punk music that I enjoyed before, live from Stavanger, SUBS (杀不死), also Beijing’er:

SUBS @ Cementen

SUBS @ Cementen - Stavanger 2006

…and this was my 1000th post!!! the mirror.. 鏡子中…

Guest or visitor – Aikido thoughts of the end of the year..

31 12 2011

A long post, started with a sad realization:

Awareness of failure plagued at him like a sword, twisting in his consciousness cruelly as though it had been lying in wait to murder his self-respect — Noël Coward


  1. This post took an unexpected turn after starting.. There are a lot of personal thoughts.. Please, do not just write comments saying how bad or good an instructor you think I am.. because, in truth, I am pretty sure I have heard already those negative or positive comments from you before!! Really, no kidding!! I am not begging for forgiveness by the people that think I lack of respect to them and not realized how amazing they are, and at the same time not asking for celebration by the others that shared common feelings with me.. Not sure I care about the former and maybe I care too much about the latter.. I just show you here I am aware of my shortcomings.. are you? Only blabbering, as usual!!
  2. The post was mainly written after I got back from my too short holidays in Norway, not because I had bad feelings, mainly for the opposite.. it was great, also being around many friends from the past and observing them now, how they changed, both in Aikido and life..
  3. Maybe at some point I lost the linearity in writing, and more thoughts got entangles together (as usual).. Anyway, that’s what I am.. and this is only another proof..
  4. As I say, these are end of the year thoughts, so I wish you all a wonderful party tonight and an even better start of 2012!!!

Very recently a person running one of the dojos where I often go for practice defined me as a visitor of that dojo, to not be confounded with guests, that are always welcomed!

This was quite unexpected and the comment was, of course, not made straight to my face. It was also intended exactly in the way I wrote it: a visitor comes and goes, not always welcomed, but maybe difficult to stop or deny “hospitality”.

Given I always pay when I practice in that dojo, that I have never taught there or even intended to do so, or even wanted to do so.. the literary distinction of my “role” was a little disappointment, both for me and about the person making the comment.
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Jūshinkan went to Japan!!

9 12 2011

Bob and Jacqueline, the Stavanger Jūshinkan Aikido instructors, went to Japan for a good vacation and Aikido trip!

A wonderful report from the trip you can read in my previous club blog page!

My memories fly there..


..hope I’ll be able to visit Tokyo again soon..


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