I love basketball!!

26 05 2013

This morning my American friend in Hong Kong, Peter, took me to play basketball. Besides Aikido, food food and beers, it is another passion we have in common.

Ages, since Hefei a couple of summers ago, that I did not play and even if something is like running a bicycle some other take a little longer time to be remembered. So after a quite long 3 against 3 match with some kids at the playground my own personal review is (marks out of 10):

Passage/assist: 8 (almost like old times)
Defense: 7 (got tired faster than before)
Jumping/rebounds: 7 (I was surprised I had quite a lot of energy for jumping, even managed a couple of blocks)
Game vision: 8 (goes with old times control)
Shooting: -17!!!!

Yeah… My shooting really sucked big time!!! For the most part of the game I tried some shoots that hit anywhere but the basket.. A couple if penetration had the ball running on the iron and then falling off… Only toward the end the hand remembered a little that once upon a time I had a quite acceptable shoot (even if defense had always been my strength more than attack.. Maybe that’s why I love Aikido so much!!)

I did score a couple of points but the amount and entity of my shoot errors ashamed me!!

Still I loved it….

However I got some “memory” it will follow me home:


…and since I had Aikido in the afternoon I can tell you that sitting in seiza with such a toe is a nightmare!!!!

Once upon a time..

9 07 2012

..we were young! Much younger.. and, at least me, I had a much better physical condition!!!

once upon a time...

standing, from left: Enrico, Emanuele
squatting: Andrea (aikidude), Vittorio

Thanks to Enrico, standing on the left side, for finding, scanning and posting on FB this picture!!!