Aikido Glossary Update

9 04 2020

After ages, a quite needed update of one of my most clicked pages was done: Aikido Glossary has been reviewed and some corrections/references to very useful comments made.

It is a live page that I had not followed enough, as the rest of the blog, but I still hope is visitors contributions and corrections, and also hope someone else will find it useful and/or interesting.

2 sections have been added (after too long I must say):

Weapon Practice

External Credits

..and quite a bit reviewing and corrections thanks to the comment section have been also done.

I hope it serves and interests more people than just myself and if anyone is interested in using some of my work here, I’d love just a reference back 🙂

I got a remote hope/ambition to make an equally complete glossary for Iaido, another part of my life, unfortunately mostly past life. Let’s see how it will go!

46 = 23 * 2

4 04 2020

Duh! You knew it right?

But for me this easy mathematical expression means quite a bit more..

First of all this post was supposed to be posted on 30th July 2018 but that summer was quite bummer, and several things, of the bad kind, happened, starting with BBPV. Then followed by other ridiculously depressing news that so far I have refrained from writing about here (I will, eventually). But since I am going through unposted drafts, here we are 🙂 …

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Pictures I Love

3 04 2020

From mass uploader on flickr, to a recent change, more about quality, I started a new visual project called Dakkar Photography.

What is “Dakkar”?

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Anno bisesto, anno funesto!

28 03 2020

Leap year, sad year!

It is a typical Italian saying, but we are not the only ones thinking that the weird things happen… some weirdest than others! and just judging from these first few months, who can disagree with me, right? Movies, series, video games, mobile phone apps, books have anticipated situations similar to what we are seeing out of the window nowadays. Who would have believed it? Of course nobody could have except maybe for politicians (Trump for example?), green environmentalist nuts, I-know-it-all average Joe (Trump for example?), conspiratorialist (Trump for example?), end of the world visionaries with too much time on their hands ((Trump for example?) that now say to everyone that would listen to them that they knew it, it would have happened, this is the slope where humanity has been rolling down for ages, and they knew it! And of course they could not stop the roll because of the momentum acquired by the added mistakes of all other people!

So much blabla around these days that I decided to stick mainly to crude numbers from the news (just read that UK PM after dismissing the pandemic as exaggeration has tested positive to the virus.. karma? or just merely stupidity? Nor for me to say..). On other hand, I am an engineer and I believe in numbers. So far:

Covid-19 – Humanity: 1 – 0

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2019 Aikido seminars

2 01 2020

Getting old makes people lazy and since I have already stated more than once that i am in love with photography, I brag about my last year of Aikido seminars in an easy photo-mosaic.. and makes it easier the fact I am traveling not as much as earlier, but I have been again to interesting new places meeting quite a few of super ince new people!

PS The post has been actually published, with a little sadness, in april, when because of corona virus I have already lost count of cancelled seminars and trips.. life’s going on (hopefully) and there will be more practice, eventually (hopefully! 🙂 )..

2018 Aikido seminars

20 01 2019

The past year has not been a very good one with respect to Aikido practice, traveling and my health. Bad luck or major call from above, or just the end result of a not so health oriented life, it does not really matter how you call it, but the end result led to a period off work for sickness (never happened before in my life!) and a quite major health discovery that has already required major changes in my lifestyle. Then when I thought things were starting getting better, a problem with my left knee reappeared, most probably because of bursitis, and then again I was obliged to skip practice (also because a demanding new job) for too long.

I am not yet sure how 2019 Aikido year will be: Friday I had to discard my plans to travel to Germany for first year chance to practice with Jorma Lyly sensei because exhausted by the previous 4 days in the road (2 in Germany followed by 2 in Italy with 2 nights of 3 hours sleep). Friday I slept about 15 hours, and the thought to get on a train to and from Germany was too much.. a pity..

But now a look at last year, that started very promising but then, it just wasn’t..

6 – 7 January: Trondheim, practice with friends at TAK (1)
13 – 14 January: Trondheim, practice with friends at TAK
19 – 21 January: Dusseldorf, weekend seminar with Lyly sensei
26 – 28 January: Sofia, weekend seminar with Kuribayashi sensei
2 – 4 February: Tikkurila, weekend seminar with Endo sensei
9 – 11 February: Stockholm, weekend seminar with Endo sensei
16 – 18 February: Dublin, weekend seminar with Irie sensei
17 – 18 March: Ho Chi Minh City, weekend seminar with Irie sensei
6 – 8 April: Prague, weekend seminar with Nevelius sensei
13 – 15 April: Bratislava, weekend seminar with Noel sensei
11 – 13 May: Trondheim, weekend seminar with Lyly sensei
24 – 27 May: Stavanger, 10 year anniversary of Jushinkand dojo, with Nevelius sensei and Martucci sensei
1 – 3 June: Sochi, weekend seminar with Kuribayashi sensei
8 – 10 June: Krasnoyarsk, weekend seminar with Irie sensei (2)
16 – 17 June: Amsterdam, weekend seminar with Tissier sensei
17 – 18 August: Duisburg, weekend bokken seminar with Lyly sensei (4)
7 – 9 September: Oslo, weekend seminar with Kuribayashi sensei
19 – 21 October: Prague, weekend seminar with Noel sensei (5)

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BPPV: not a Minion language happy birthday!

7 07 2018

Yesterday it was my birthday, 46 years spent around this funny world and I was supposed to be in Italy for celebrating the wedding of a special friend Valentina and her partner, Ivano..

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