Seagalize yourself!

26 02 2015

The other day I walked past the window of a book shop in Utrecht and suddenly got to a frozen stop, traced back my steps and stared at the window, with an unbelievable look into my eyes.. Did I see correctly? Yes I did:

Seagalogy... nightmare!!

I did not dream a book called Seagalogy, but then when I noticed the title I understood it was not a commemorative biography to the achievements of this great actor, martial artist, stuntman and performer.. but still seems to be a deep work in his “artistic” life.

I want still to think about his nice Aikido past, when he was at the beginning of his martial art life, and he had the chance to practice with good sensei of that time, but then he is a great example how money and fame can make people deviate from a given road and join others. Maybe I am biased, but I feel always a little sad when people say they joined Aikido because of Steven Seagal..

But, as said, there was lots of good stuff when he still was an Aikidoka!

Now I think he has start his own fight to catch up with Chuck Norris notoriety! Especially in the facts category (click for a real laugh)!!

新年快乐 – 2015 – Year of the Goat!

18 02 2015

And we have come also to another New Year celebration, the Chinese year of the Goat is about to start..

Today is CNY Eve and I already know that I will not assist to any fireworks here in Holland, but I can survive. I do miss the fireworks of my first time in China in 2007 and then my second experience after moving there in 2011 or the time in Norway in 2008 with Chinese friends, but I will just have to try to have some holidays in CNY time in the future!

Chinese New Year – 2007 – Wenzhou (Zhejiang)

Chinese New Year – 2011 – Anqing (Anhui)

They say the goat should bring prosperity: I certainly hope so, because today I do feel I need some luck in this field!! And the past year showed I am not the best person when dealing with money… a combination of idiocy, trusting too much the world/people and bad luck. So if you just made a risky investment, stay away from me! Improve the odds! ;-)

Got the feeling that today the universe felt in the need to balance my happiness from the past 10 days with a good load of sh*t over my head.. at least it is the (second) end of a fuc*ed up year. It make me regret a bit my decision to move back to Europe, but I must try to be a tiny bit more positive for the new goat year, hoping it won’t ram me in the @$$!!!

45+5.. Ready for concert!

1 02 2015

Second hand Army boots for metal concerts: 45€ almost new in the left, 5€ single use (punk scene) very much used on the right. I checked there was no foot left inside 😈


Getting ready for Slipknot in a few hours!!


1st February 2015: Slipknot live in Amsterdam

30 01 2015

2 days more or less to get there…..

A pity they changed the masks… but look the pretty little Asian angel in the front.. ahhh.. metal girls rule!!!!



Real Dutch snow

30 01 2015

Second snow tonight: woke up by house noises of annoying guy living upstairs… but happy when I took a look out of the window:




Seminar thoughts: disconnection..

26 01 2015

I realized my Aikido went like my life recently: regression backward. At least I am getting lots of things to think about, unfortunately got no dojo yet (for the Aikido) and no partner (for the other issues)….

Last weekend in Strømmen I met my dear friend Karsten and had a chance to have a nice chat about how important is for us to have some weekly chances to practice Aikido (I cannot say anymore daily, as in my older days in Norway). Both mind and body needs the Aikido break, and I am not surprised we both agree on this aspect. His life has of course many more challenges, being a father of two gorgeous girls, living with his partner and the children and working as a teacher (another job that requires quite a lot of “homework” and preparation, not only for the students!).

Venting out mentally and physically gives quite a lot of pleasure, and the best way for me has been Aikido, in the years (I know what you might be thinking! There are different and maybe better ways to vent out ;-) but in many many years of single life, and not only, Aikido is certainly one of the best ways.. ).

Marc Bachraty sensei in Strømmen, with a twist :)

Marc Bachraty sensei in Strømmen. Group photo with a twist :)

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2014 of words

20 01 2015

A not bad English section in Utrecht library was what I needed for my various trips (the 1 hour or so bus to and from work as a start):

  • Robin Blake – A Dark Anatomy
  • John Wyndham – The Day of the Triffids
  • Brian W. Aldiss – Super State: A Novel of a Future Europe
  • Chuck Palahniuk – Damned
  • Mark Peterson – A Place of Blood and Bone
  • John Wyndham – Plan for Chaos
  • David Moody – Autums
  • Alastair Reynolds – Terminal World
  • Stephen King – Duma Key
  • Gary R. Hammond – The Cloud
  • Yukio MishimaForbidden Colours
  • Frank Devlin – Love in All the Wrong Places
  • Alastair Reynolds – The Prefect
  • Alan Dunn – Ice Cold
  • Alastair Reynolds – Galactic North
  • Richard Matheson – A Stir of Echoes
  • John J. Niven – The Second Coming
  • Chuck Palahniuk – Tell All
  • Joe Haldeman – The Accidental Time Machine
  • Gao Xingjian – Buying a Fishing Rod for my Grandfather
  • Xinran (Xuē Xīnrán) – Sky Burial
  • Various – The many faces of Van Helsing
  • Rachel Tresize – Sixteen Shades of Crazy
  • Justin Richards – The Death Collector
  • Harry Harrison – Make Room! Make Room!
  • Stephen King – Doctor Sleep

For the first time I have emphasized a couple of books worth extra mention..


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