A new start.. for my camera!

2 08 2015

One day too late (I should have had made this bought yesterday for the parade) I got a set of filters (UV protective lens, CPL circular polarizer and ND9 neutral density) and a cleaning set for my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7:


cleaning and filter set

After I had given away the protective lens filter for a promise to an important person, I was getting the idea that my Panasonic was getting close to its end. The mode dial does not work so good anymore and it the batteries were not for sale over here. But then I got good replacements on eBay and I am aware of the dial problem so I am just more careful when I use it. And I realized I still enjoy taking pictures with this camera, with good results (at least for my standard!).

I have still do take 2 more steps photography related because of a couple of mistake I made in China, moving and being messy as I always am: I managed to lose an extremely good Slik tripod and my too little used Nikon tele-objective, Nikon 80-200mm F/2.8 D Zoom-Nikkor AF ED.. both items on the expensive side for me right now, but both will be replaced just to mentally close also that chapter of my life.

Then start working on my photography skills again because realistically they could be useful in the future. And I like photography very much, time to do some serious training as well.

E diciamolo!!!

30 07 2015

Yesterday a post for Germans, today one for Italians.. very different topic though.. I understand much more today’s topic ;-)

Lo Stato Sociale:

Farmers looking for a crowd!

29 07 2015

A post mostly dedicated to my German speaking/understanding readers/friends (not that many I fear) but a good chance to share also some interesting work and concept!

A recently met Aikido friend from Austria is living in a self sufficient mountain community out of Graz area and she filmed and produced together with some friend that did the final editing the following interesting video (only in German unfortunately!!) about the community supported agriculture (CSA) in Austria (click on the picture):

Katharina and Dominik

The video has been broadcast at ORF and its original name is name “Bauer Sucht Crowd“: I am pretty sure the interest about this kind of agriculture model is growing, nowadays.

Soon there will be more “crowds” in the mountains all over around the globe.. probably a good step for preserving nature a little longer :-)


17 07 2015

Tonight I’ll fly to Stockholm to join for the first time the summer school at Lillsved, a usual event for a very big part of my “Aikido family”. I am very happy yo finally managing this seminar, even if it is the last long holiday I will be able to take this year.

No big deal, since I got no other lovers to spend time with: I can focus all my energy on my biggest, oldest and, at the present time, only love, Aikido :-)

For sure there will be lots of tai no tenkan practice, like the previous wonderful Aikido week in Czech-Slovakia:

triple tai no tenkan

triple tai no tenkan in Puchov, by Jana

..and more training with another branch of Aiki-family..

This is the kind of week I need during this summer in order to properly recharge batteries and reboot my mind to collect enough energy for the coming winter.. with only the little disadvantage that, like for the previous Aiki-holiday, I get a rush of good emotions and motivations and I meet people I really would like to see more often, and then I am back home and there is a little of depression and longing..

But I know, as for the last bunch of Aiki-bros and sis’, that soon or later I will cross again their path on the tatami of some dojo around the world. This helps to fight the post-seminar depression!

Coffee memories..

15 07 2015

Talking with a Japanese friend about morning habits I have been thrown back a long way in the past, and got a little nostalgic:

coffee yeah!

My first morning in Hefei, China.. with the Italian coffee pot and the Soputh Park coffee cup, my loyal fellow voyagers in so many places of my life..

Revised 2015 Resolutions!!

10 07 2015

I am quite happy I can revise at least one of my 2015 resolutions, setting a little higher target.

2015 Resolutions – updates:

  • learn something new
  • get passionate again about about something positive, constructive (..else than Aikido, reading, taking pictures and travelling – specified since in 2014 apparently I got passionate about.. rejections! Got worse this week, indeed)
  • stop doing always the same mistakes, especially with people! 向前走,莫回头! (got close again, but maybe I managed to be a little adult this time!)
  • work for my 3.dan in Aikido (when ever it might be) and work on my Aikido in general! (since I have realized I got not so much else to spend time for)
  • reach 75 kg reach 72kg: the path to this target has started already! I have been almost steadily around +/- 75Kg. in the past few months, so it is time to raise the bar!

2015 Prediction:

  • I will travel a lot
  • there will be some changes
  • if I do not achieve the majority of those resolutions I will go nuts!!!

Hope to manage better than in 2014!! :-)

Love skate-boarding!

10 07 2015

After deciding to take a long break from Chinese girls’ charm, I admit I am suddenly interested in exploring more about Korea:

How cool she is!!

And with that I mean, have you seen those legs?? ;-)


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