Look what I found!

25 11 2015

Looking for left overs of Russian money from last year, my Aikido notes and my note book of thoughts I found this:


…and of course none of what I was looking for!

If the morning hadn’t started with your message I would have taken this as a bad sign… (I know you miss me! Even if you play tough hard @$$), even if the message wasn’t anything memorable.. I can guess why you asked that but you already knew the answer… only answer that is ok with me… all is yours, you don’t want you dispose of it… If there were other reasons it doesn’t matter, except showing you miss my idiocy! ;-)

So if it was a normal day I would have been more shaken by this finding, but in truth I enjoyed reading words from the past that I believe were true the moment you wrote them (before and after doesn’t matter).

This post is for you and me only… probably for me only as usual, but it felt good writing it!

Do you wonder if I miss you or something of you? Ask… Kidding, I don’t think you need to ask….

You know nothing, **!!

Maybe you do know something now… Sorry for my rant (msg to the world too)…

PS my god your handwriting was difficult!! I suddenly remember it :-)

Föllakzoid @ Paradiso!

25 11 2015

First time visiting one of the most known music venues in Amsterdam: Paradiso.. and first time meeting this band from Chile, Föllakzoid..


..but most certainly not last time I visit Paradiso or I listen/watch Föllakzoid!!

Music, songs, rhythmic base blending guitar, bass, drums and in some songs an electronic sampler.. songs at least 7-8 minutes long that takes you to another dimension and then the body naturally starts moving..

Föllakzoid @ Paradiso

My typical *bad* luck!!

24 11 2015

One year of Aikido and traveling activity with an incredible low amount of injures, and all minor ones.

One tough year, at both the physical and mental level: people close to me know that it has not been easy, especially mentally, for different reasons (mostly, I know, because of my stupid head creating its own problems!)..

One long year with several trips, nights in dojos and sleeping on different floors and madrases, and never had a problem.. not even suffering much snoring this year! Or much cold, even if I have been mostly sleeping off airport floors covered with an Ikea blanket (even shared it once, but that was last year, so it does not count!).

One sweaty year of great practice in several countries with tons of different people: advance, beginner, tough, solid, soft, hard, stiff, and more.. and still I have come back from most seminars without serious injures.

One flying year with quite a few major seminars/appointments with senseis I really like, moving toward the “gran finale” of this coming weekend, back to Moscow with Irie senseiRead the rest of this entry »

11-11, single again!

11 11 2015

Another Singles dayGuang Gun Jie, 光棍节, celebrated as single after a couple of fake and deceiving years, and I am quite ok with the “being-single-for-real-again” feeling! Less ok in the nights alone in bed though, but that’s life! And Aikido is the cure!

Being the the largest online shopping day in the world, this is certainly a festivity that makes happy several people, especially on the selling part of the counters!

Today it is also my 2 years working anniversary.. wow! An easy date to remember ;-)

UPDATE: Alibaba beat all records yesterday!! 91 billion RMB: Alibaba’s Singles’ Day shopping total was bigger than Facebook’s revenue last year!!

Magic Aiki-feelings!

10 11 2015

Thanks to Sigurd I finally got a very nice picture with the Aiki-wizard, Jorma Lyly sensei from Vanadis Aikido dojo in Stockholm, one of my favorite instructors and Aikido inspiration. The kind of teacher able to establish contact and connection even to.. stones! As I was when I met him!

Ikkyo Pin

The pictures are from the 20th yearly seminar organized by Sunyata Aikido in Heggedal, Norway and more exciting pictures are also available (hopefully public).

In every place where I have visited for longer periods, or started practicing in a stable way, Jorma is the teacher I always dream to bring for visits and then establish a new connection for him… and I have never managed… yet!

But since 2004, when I first met Endo sensei (8. dan Aikikai), Tissier sensei (7. dan Aikikai) and both Jorma Lyly and Jan Nevelius (both 6. dan Aikikai), teachers at Vanadis Aikido dojo in Stockholm, my Aikido has started taking consistency and changing along a path that has not only improved my technique but also my life.. at least it has given me a “tool” to handle the low moments of that above mentioned life!

Jorma has been one of the most important and stable teacher in my growth!

And I cannot forget to mention also Sunyata main teacher, Mouliko Halen, 7. dan Aikikai, an example of sharpness and cleanliness of Aikido movements.

The past weekend was the last time I meet Jorma this year so I take the chance to thank him for the patience with me, Sigurd for the picture and so many people I practiced together this year (and I still have a couple of seminars before closing 2015!) for the great time and help to deal with my “monsters”..

(at the end I did drop Jorma’s seminar in Cologne, a difficult choice, but wise!)


Good luck, baby…

1 11 2015

2 years have passed.. your new dream life has finally started.. all the choices have finally been rewarded.. all dreams coming true.. 安迪 2.0 has probably succeed in his project.. and he will be rewarded as well.. time to keep the memories of a real couple of months and forget the fake following years, stop asking myself what was the point in not being honest from the first minute, we would have both been happier.. but you are right, I will always be a big baby.. and there are no answers..


Kuribayashi sensei in Belgium!

30 10 2015

After two weeks where I did not practice at all, touring Europe for business, I’ll be soon off to Bekgium for the last seminar this year with Kuribayashi sensei.. of course, not my last seminar this year! :-)


Given the picture that had been used, I really have to go!

Condition probably not at best, and got very few hours sleeping in the past 2 nights.. but so looking forward to practice!

From next week, back to normal training habits! :-)


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