Parking sensei

12 02 2016

I have no clue how the owner got the motorbike up the steps, and it’s not a light e-bike but a real heavy engine one!!!


Happy Chinese New Year

8 02 2016

….from Japan!


Asia loves Italy..

6 02 2016

Or at least Vietnam: I have just found out that for my trip (<15 days) to Vietnam in March, for Irie sensei seminar and of course for sightseeing and new experience, I will not need a VISA, since I am Italian citizen!!


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Got a new baby

5 02 2016

Not as pretty as the last one, but everybody knows that pretty babies are stolen fast by better players…

She is not that hot, but I hope she will stay with me a little longer than the last one… Read the rest of this entry »

I *should* care less!

25 01 2016’s one of *those* days! If only I did manage to learn to care less everything would be easier, and I got so many good examples to follow around me!

I’ll work on this :)

Dreaming of... Asia

Words are words, then the meaning is what make them special, but who decides that? Not the being special but the meaning of those words?

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Waiting for the train to Germany..

22 01 2016

…reminded too much long cold nights waiting for the from Germany… And there is a full moon…

But it’s not: going to Düsseldorf to finally meet my aiki-wizard, Jorma Lyly sensei and several other friends, some already met during the previous couple of Aikido weekends and some for the first time this year…

What a family, Aikido..

In two weeks more or less I’ll take my way East (finally again) to Japan and today I have finally decided to visit for the first time also Vietnam in March.. for Aikido as well, of course.

And the Aikido family will keep growing!

It will be a tough year but I am already super excited even if these choices have excluded others and most probably pushed even further my 3.dan grading. 

It’s all about choices!

Sometimes you are totally free to make yours, sometimes you are forced to make some that you regret or dislike, but, often thinking back, you ended up there because of other free choices..

I chose now to have a great Aikido weekend!!!

Bohemian kick off!

12 01 2016

An Aiki-brother from my time in Stavanger has set out along his predestined path: music at professional level! Already when I met him, his life was a mix of playing, working in music shops, and Aikido.. and he has always worked in intriguing projects, starting now a new one, with a band called Bohem, who is releasing the first album and start an exciting new adventure!

bass on fire

..and images and sounds are already available for a first great taste…

The Caravan Song:

..but this live session gave me goosebumps, maybe because I know the place where it has been recorded or maybe because it reminded me of many nights spent talking about everything, eating, drinking and enjoying music..

Let it Burn (Live studio session):


short tough steps before flying on water

(Fantastic picture that gave me great vibes by Damian, the Bearded Butler!)


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