On the Aikido road

24 04 2016

Sunday morning, on the bus that was taking me to the last session of a very good Aiki-wizard Jorma Lyly seminar in Trondheim, I suddenly realized a strange fact: since I left Stavanger (April 2010) I have never attended an Aikido seminar in the same city  where I have been living at the time…

I have been on the road for a really long time (ok, mostly flying!)..

my "Lost Highway"

my “Lost Highway”

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Finally back home

23 04 2016


view from my window

Trondheim is always home, memories are always with me..

Monday.. morning.. motivations needed..

11 04 2016

…and I got them..

Biking motivations

good biking motivations

…perfect speed, right in front of me, a very pleasant view that helped me to keep a good pace as well..

A good start of the week! Always great to have motivations on a Monday!


6 04 2016

Sea shells, sea snails, sea.. alls! Not only amazing fruits in Vietnam, but also the offers from the sea have special flavors! Es-specially good ones!

Food in Vietnam
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Vietnam made apples interesting fruits!

30 03 2016

Days in Ho Chi Minh city were passing fast and like in Indonesia it was difficult to stop enjoying the great deliciously fruits typical of those tropical regions. Furthermore, the seafood in particular but all Vietnamese food as well has been a super treat, impossible to resist.

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Happy Easter!!

26 03 2016

Also to this lamb that will not end up in an oven!!

a lamb in the car

The discipline I should learn!!

25 03 2016

I love Japan!!!


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