What’s with me and pool???

11 02 2012

It is so common in China to find a pool table in a bar, where you can just wait your turn to play for free. Chinese people really love to play pool. I read once in an English site for foreigners in China that everywhere one can find snooker table. I must say, in Hefei, I have never seen one!!! Most of this sites anyway refer to foreigner in Chinese large cities.. nobody thinks there are laowai also in development areas.. 😉

But, for a normal pool table, it is true: most bars where I have been in Hefei, if they large enough to have the space, they got a pool table! If not large enough, they have the table and shorter cues!

pool.. my nemesys!

I know pool is all about physics and I do love physics: even when I teach Aikido I resort most often to physics instead of focusing to abstract and difficult concepts more belonging to the metaphysics field (that I admit also to not posses a full grasp of!).

As an engineer physics is a common part of my day, and I do work with transnational stages and optics, therefore trajectories..

..but if there is something I really cannot do is: playing pool!!!

A blind man with a broken arm would probably be able to defeat me without breaking a sweat! And it amazes me that I can look at Tissier sensei or Endo sensei, squinting through my myopic eyes (I practice without glasses!), and I understand much more than when I look at some pool player performing shots that for me are just impossible!!

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – The last week I was in Europe for some work, and 2 Chinese colleagues joined me as well. We were in France and I especially enjoyed, besides the interesting work, the great environment, the food and wine. After going back to China I talked with my colleagues about the extra work experience (for one of them it was the first time out of China). They said they enjoyed the place but they surprised me about the food: they did not like it too much because.. too much cold food/dishes during a normal meal!!! In China almost all dishes during a dinner are hot, temperature wise. Especially in China is impossible to eat salad that it is not cooked (because Chinese are afraid off germs). They did try different salads, but clearly they did not enjoy them too much. Also cold ham served during lunch was a surprise.



One response

11 02 2012

Funny about the French food. It reminds me a chat I had with a hair dresser in Trondheim, some years ago. She had been in Paris and said she didn’t like french food. Indeed, she found French hotdogs not as good as Norwegian ones…
Hope you had great time anyway!


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