14 12 2010

I am disgusted to be Italian today, like the so called Italian politicians that accepted money for personal respect and voted for keeping the midget in power in the Italian parlament.

I am disgusted that these from a so called party called “Futuro liberta'” (future freedom) denied the definition of their party for favors adn money that the midget could pay and promise them..

Names that deserve nothing but disgust, names that make me sick.. names that deserve to be written and for each letter I puke hoping one day they will pay for the dirty bloody money they got.. Judas of their own party and the believe they never had..

Maria Grazia Siquilini
Catia Polidori
Domenico Scilipoti
Massimo Calearo
Bruno Cesario

Each of these names is synonym of Judas, disgust, vomit, perversion, bloody money, insult to humanity, stupidity, incest of the mind, walking jizz, squirting skunks….

Disgusted that these 傻逼 belong to the same nation I belong to: I am more Italian and more interest in where Italy would end than these animals.. even after living more than 15 years abroad.

I wish them pain, as I am sure they will receive bevcause their choice will keep in power the only person that will gain from that power.. the midget that cares only about itself!

5 names to be remembered as the Five Holy Wounds (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Wounds) tp reason!

[cat italy, politics]



One response

16 12 2010

I agree you – I hope these 5 will get their punnishment….


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