Aikido and Halloween

8 10 2010

Sudden plan for HangZhou Aikido trip: we decided to organize a weekend of practice for next week. Better than the least weekend of October, because Sunday 31st is also Halloween!

In Asia, as in USA, Halloween is really a great party night. Last year, around this period, I was in Tainan, Taiwan, and met really funny people in a wonderful pub called Armory (ohhh.. I miss that place!!). Lots of the people I met did celebrate Halloween in a very cool way, and I thank an old flickr contact for posting the pictures 😉

HalloweenIn the past, in Norway I participated once to a Halloween party organized in a local pub, Crazy Piano, famous for parties (where I always brought my camera), and I admit it was quite easy to get distracted 😉
Only once also I participated to a party actually wearing a costume.. and that was more private, just among a few friends! And it was fun! 🙂 So, I hope this year to have a chance to participate to an Asian Halloween party. I am quite curious! But, no, I’m not going to wear my hakama 😉

That, together with my keikogi, it is going to be used for two weekends in a row: first Hangzhou, then Shanghai. A good plan for the Endo sensei seminars to come.



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