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5 11 2010

Yeah, sorry folks, this week I have been more lazy than usual, and tonight I got a flight to Shanghai.. Aikido weekend until Sunday evening, flight back. Finally the long waited weekend with Endo sensei. Erik from Norway, after his trip in South and North Korea and North of China, has already arrived in Shanghai. Good practice with my ex instructor from tomorrow! I need to get my a$$ seriously ripped off!! 🙂

I looked for a long time forward to this seminar. Now I feel much less excited because I know my level has actually gone down. I am sure I will not enjoy it as much as I did last year, also because last year, sensei used me more than usual (usual = zero) as uke, but this year, with Erik, but also Unn from Sweden, there are much better uke for him.. So, back to very normal, discarded and disregarded by one of my favorite teachers. It sucks a bit, but it sucked more a couple of years ago. Actually already last year in Shanghai my feelings about the Aikido figure and the person had changed. Let’s just say the former still keep all my respect and full trust.

Loving his Aikido and his spirit does not mean anything about my feelings to the person out of the mats. This is part of personal development as well. Other thing I learned in my life of martial art related disappointments is that being good at some art does not mean anything about the moral values or the kind of person a teacher is. And I have learned as well to distinguish the two entities. In the same way I am not Japanese: respecting someone of the mats does not make this person as a venerable saint I have to honor and cherish out of the mats, as Japanese people always do, giving an almost religious meaning to the word sensei.. that actually means teacher!

So this weekend represents a refresh of the Aikido I used to love and as usual my great chance to meet the Aikido friends from Shanghai, some of which are becoming quite special friends. Seeing again Erik, enjoying some good time with him. And if possible, meeting also some of the not Aikido related friends in Shanghai, a number that is also increasing.. I wonder if eventually I will also find a working life and .. life there as well!! No expectations about tatami-feelings, certain of a great time off the mats!!

I promise I’ll write more, next week, about last and this weekend in Shanghai, about a relaxing week and a new restaurants tried yesterday.. about my normal life here..

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – A few days ago when surfing to page there is always the following page opening:
Google from China

I’m sorry …
… Your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can not process your request.
To continue the search, enter the number shown below:
For more information, please see the Google help

I wonder if the Great Firewall of China and Google had some other discussions!!
Clicking on the Help link, it explains that the message comes when maybe malicious software is installed then better using some of the suggested anti-virus. I have to check from home, but I have seen the same page on many different pc over here. So I think it is some form of retaliation that Google is applying against Chinese servers. I might be wrong. After input the code, everything works fien as before. Also no problem for the email.



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5 11 2010

It is never as good as the first time no matter where you go to a seminar. I think you will enjoy the seminar anyway. See you in a few weeks!!! 😉



5 11 2010

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