On my way to Shanghai

21 10 2011

Tonight flight to Shanghai.. tomorrow Endo sensei seminar! Finally *that* time of the year has arrived. And I admit my mind and body feel that this is not a common weekend of practice.

Given that sensei will probably ask me if it is the first time I participate to his seminars, as he did at least 3 times already (before I graded with him, but that means nothing: soon after the graduation I left for China, so he again has no idea who I am).. the reason I feel a little more excited/nervous than usual is probably because a few people from Hangzhou will also come to the seminar. And for them I have been the main introduction to Endo sensei Aikido, and I talked several times about how good it is to see him in action, about his soft and effective Aiki.

I am both interested, curious to see if they like Endo sensei’s Aikido and they don’t think that what I have been doing is.. completely different stuff.. except when I do say it is (just to be safe!!).

Also I look forward to practice with Shanghai and visiting people that for once are forced to do sensei’s Aikido, in his way: it happens once per year! When sensei is here! And that kind of challenge and work for uke is still the best (together with Irie sensei weekends and Kyoto seminar this year!).

So, combining this mental status with some little stress, at work as well, and a little too much food after Norway, my body is a bit on the tired side. And I speak mainly about knees and feet. I had also no chance of going to sauna or acupuncture this week. Thinking anyway it will be more necessary next week! Now I realize that probably a sauna would have been good for the knees. I should try to get a massage maybe tonight or tomorrow during the break between the 2 Aikido sessions (yeah, I missed *this* in Norway: lunch break with massage!)

On the other hand, Shanghai clubs are full of beginner, so if I feel my body is failing me, I can just move to the back side of the mats and focus on slower and easier movements with beginners.. nobody will miss me in the front! Not at Endo sensei seminar!! I will be very sad if this will happen.. but I will also try to be honest with myself.. I still have several practice plans for the next weekends..

So folks, have you all a great weekend.. and let’s see if Monday I’ll be able to walk!! (night train from Shanghai, Sunday night.. I’m pretty sure it will be interesting after this weekend!!)



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