Metro Metro Metro..

7 11 2011 I am totally convinced in supporting this shop over all the others in Hefei that sell some Western food or have a little better choice than the normal Chinese shops..

As already mentioned before, I found there mascarpone and then made tiramisu using some other biscuits than lady fingers but the result was never enough satisfying. The first attempt faced several challenges, and the result was quite sad for me, still remembering my “standard”..

Then a couple of weeks ago I went to Shanghai for Endo sensei Aikido seminar and asked a friend to buy savoiardi for me.. and then the tiramisu finally was almost perfect!

Sunday then I decided to check again the Western area of Metro, a special room with several goodies, and for the first time I noticed the Bonomi packs, typical savoiardi that one can find abroad.. and for my surprise I could see 3 different kind of Italian traditional biscuits (amaretti and sfogliatine of 2 different types!) but no lady fingers!!! Such a disappointment, until I let my eyes run to the other levels and packages in exposition and on the bottom of the rack I found a nice large pack of savoiardi.. from a German brand!!!!

savoiardi... finally!!

The price was also quit “honest” considering the kind of product (savoiardi are bloody expensive in Norway as well!), but I am already thinking how to improve the last tiramisu into the one I used to make in Norway, and always getting lots of praise!

Moved by the happiness in finding my beloved lady fingers (and thinking to the soon to come tiramisu), I decided to try another of the Western (Italian) products present there:


Better than the other 2 pizzas I had earlier in Hefei (Babela restaurant and Pizza Hut, China-adapted!) because the dough was less sweet, still a little sweet though (yeah, it’s some strange Chinese dough making effect: they seem not able to make bread and bread like dough that are not sweet!!). The extra cheese on the top is of course my own adaptation!! Same thing I used to do in Norway!! Using of course Italian cheese!! Pizza in Shanghai is still at another level.. I must really learn how to make it!!

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – My father thinks to have found what I am really doing in China: I lighten up my hairs and choose the entertainment road!!! I am pretty sure I would make more money and would meet more Chinese angels.. but given my singing skills, I am also pretty sure my audience will attempt suicide at the first concert, giving a very short career!! On the other hand, the hair have something special 😉



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