Officially in the Netherlands!

10 11 2013

Even if I haven’t officially started to work here, now after a little more than one week I have done all the formal registrations steps as a foreigner moving to the Netherlands. I still lack a couple of documents for the Italian AIRE (Italians living abroad registration) but the most is done.

After getting at once a place to live and therefore being able to register a permanent address at the town hall and for the social security number, I also got something called EU-sticker that I guessed to be related to the taxation, especially when I saw this below, a few meters from the building entrance 🙂 :


But it is actually from IND: the Immigration and Naturalisation Service an it’s a registration for EU citizens living in the Netherlands.

The official stuff was followed by opening a bank account and the more vital task of visiting IKEA. Two trips there, where I got a little bit of everything:



The second trip carrying the clothes drier and a carpet beside a full IKEA bag and filled backpack happened under the typical evening rain. It included some swearing!!

After these days then Sunday I will be off to Seattle, USA, together with other 3 newly hired people for one week of super intense training! That’s gonna be tough!



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