What a crappy night!!!

5 01 2012

This is one of those “funny” posts where the funny part is seen from the outside, not if you wear my shoes.. but as I share the good moments, here a crappy moment.. part of this Chinese experience (don’t worry, not serious crap.. just for my pride.. 😦 )

Wednesday 4th January 2012 will be remembered as the first crappy day of the year, when an unfortunate combination of events made me waste time and money for.. nothing.. actually, for almost oversleep this morning!!

Yesterday I was supposed to meet an English student and a couple of her friends for a sort of English corner in a cafe’. Since it is exam time for some and holidays time for most of the typical English corner people at Hefei college, when this person that I met long ago (student of one of the foreign English teachers I know) asked me to meet up for a chat, I took the chance. I always enjoy this English corner stuff.. probably because I am not an English teacher!

On the way to the meeting place anyway this student tells me she cannot come but her friend(s) will be there and the friend(s) have also studied English, so they can enjoy chatting! OK, fair enough, anyway they all should know I don’t really speak Chinese..

When I got to the place, after the common waiting in the cold, here it comes one girl and.. she did not really speak English!!!! We decided to go to a cafe’ close by so another friend should join, but then I understood these are actually friends of the English student and their English was so limited.. so, given that they were not especially cute to look at and not interesting at all, I tried to get a good chance to beat it..

Unfortunately she must have taken me to the most expensive cafe in town: the time they ordered (and I wanted just a coffee) they took me by surprise and get food and wine (!!) and the bill got much higher than what I wanted to spend in such an evening.. and suddenly I realized what these people were really after.. a pity and a lesson! Let’s just say that I might have used the same amount of money in a KTV or club for.. much more fun!!! The irony was that at the beginning of the evening I was happy I did a short job of equivalent value of 15RMB, and I thought it was a good start of the year.. 😦

Two valuable lessons: clean up QQ list from old contacts and learn more Chinese, at least basic excuses, like “oh, I think I forgot to close the water at home”, “I think I left the oven on when I left home”, “I suddenly remember I have a meeting I cannot postpone”, “I think I felt an earthquake, a flood, a tsunami, a meteorite falling, a volcano eruption, a dinosaur charge, a locust storm” or just “oh my god, such a boring evening, see you next life!”..

I will record this useless expense in my monthly records as the first of the year “inkulata“, useful Italian slang to remember the feeling of being invaded in my lower back by too fishy folks!

The last “funny” thing, for you, yeah, is that on the way home I met a “funny” taxi driver that instead of trying at least of being polite for my efforts to speak some words in Chinese, he made fun all the way of my wrong pronunciation of the tones and strong accent, repeating what I was saying as for mocking me.. and the pity part is that I cannot even say “stop the fu*king car, I want to get out!”.. @$$hole!

The only good bit from this crappy evening was some night pictures of Qingfeng Tower, 清风阁 (Qīngfēng gé), in Bao Zheng (包拯, Bāo zhěng) park (包公园, bāo gōngyuán):

Qingfeng tower



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15 01 2012
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