Master of the roads!!

8 01 2012

Yesterday I was waiting for the bus was going to town. Standing in the sun at the bus stop, and waiting for a bus that took its own dear time to appear..

At some time one of the tiny compact 3-wheeled motorbike taxi you see in China appeared and stop at my side..

Compact taxi

I was already preparing the polite way to deny I needed to use it for going where I wanted to go, when the woman driving it step down and, in Chinese of course, started asking me road information!!!

As a matter of fact, many Chinese friends and colleagues are surprised I know so many road names and I know how to get around, especially in the area in the south where I live. The first days here I walked a lot around and learnt my ways.. I could actually explain to the woman, in my easy Chinese, how to get where she wanted.. and it was indeed a looooong way, especially in such a slow vehicle as these tiny bikes!!



One response

11 01 2012

lol those things look so unstable!!


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