Welcoming 2011

3 02 2011

A tradition is to fire firecrackers early in the morning, like 6am, of the first day of the year, called 初一 (chū yī).

I was in the bed in Anqing and I took this video just to give an idea about the sound..

CNY in AnqingOf course at midnight the celebrations had been more common also at the eyes of us Western people, especially after that historically the fireworks were brought to Europe from.. China!

The wonderful location of the new year midnight celebrations is the Anqing tower temple (or pagoda) called Zhèn fēng. But entering the tower and the temple had been a challenge. I think I was praying not for a good year but just to survive the night!! 🙂

Quite cool at midnight when 2 other traditions took place in the temple:

  • in the main temple room there was a typical huge bronze bell that at midnight was struck with the solid wood  horizontal pool, with several people vigorously oscillating it from side to side, putting all their body on the pole and more people trying to get on that
  • at the same time all the other people present in the room starts throwing coins at the bell, other traditions for good luck in the year to come

CNY in Anqing
Let’s just say it was a challenge to breath in the room at midnight!!!



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