Here I come Bali!

13 10 2014

Ready…. And so sleepy!!

I was at the check in counter and I put on the scale the hand luggage, keeping on my back the backpack to be checked in!!!!

The woman at the counter had a good laugh!!

First time ever!!!



Nobel in Medicine at NTNU

7 10 2014

How cannot be proud of the University of Trondheim, NTNU, where I spent several good years (and a few bad ones as well, but all helps to grow) as a student and then researcher.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2014 was divided, one half awarded to John O’Keefe, the other half jointly to May-Britt Moser and Edvard I. Moser “for their discoveries of cells that constitute a positioning system in the brain”.

The Moser couple is from NTNU: yeah!!!

Congratulations to them and to Trondheim as well!!!

Long missed from China

7 10 2014

Something long time no eat or use, I found it here in Indonesia, in the little market place close to Jerry’s house.

One is fruit as already shown yesterday but in particular the so called mangosteen:


..still impossible to find in any market I checked so far.

As impossible it was to find moon cakes:


But the thing that made me cry for miracles, at least inside, was what I found this morning:


This is actually a balm from Hong Kong that has done miracles on all my semi-permanent Aikido, and not, injuries!! And that was even impossible to find it on the net!!

I might but a couple of boxes more!!

Snake fruit!!

6 10 2014

That was the fruit I was not sure of but, yeah, I had it in China before: Salak Pondoh!


The name comes from the texture and appearance of the hard but very thin skin. The fruit itself is white and of solid consistence with a smooth brown seed/stone. Two sides of fruit both with a seed each. The taste… this is difficult: not a strong or very distinctive taste. It is quite neutral, not bad and at the same time not a wow like a papaya or mango can make me utter! :-)

Fruit fruit fruit

6 10 2014

I have just been to the small shop out of Jerry’s compound to buy something to eat and if course I focused in the wonderful South East Asian fruit offer:


When I saw the mangosteen and the dimensions of the papaya I could not stop myself. One dragon fruit later I found, still in the fruit session, something I had never seen before (or maybe once in China) and went for it as well:


One box of cookies filled with dates and a couple of drink juices I went to pay and this makes me enjoy this country even more:


…that means:


FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – My first surprise when I arrived in Jakarta was that here they drive on the left side, like in British countries and Japan. Quite a surprise since I can’t recall a British occupation of the area.


3 10 2014

The time has arrived!

Tonight I will leave for my serious holidays: 2 full weeks in Indonesia.

First week focused on Aikido in Solo and in Jakarta, with Irie sensei, long missed practice!

Then I will transfer to the south, to Bali, where I will meet two great Italian friends that had visited me over here for the King’s Day, and it will be for sure lots more fun! And some exciting discoveries of a place new for all the three of us!

Lightning over Frankfurt

30 09 2014

What a lucky capture, with my phone, just looking outside the hotel window when the storm started..

What a lightning!

I admitted I tried again and again after this first one, but the results did not get even close to this!


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