Happy Mid-Autumn festival!

8 09 2014


One year or so back in Europe, almost one year in the Netherlands and now I miss this more than ever! I even miss Hefei :-)
Happy Mid-Autumn festival folks!

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One of the best festivity from my point of view: today it is the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节, zhōngqiū jié), my favorite because of the traditional cakes eaten during this period, the  moon cakes. That’sd in face how I usually call the festival: Moon Cake festival :-)

Just got this nice video from a Chinese Aikido friend:

…and I add the memories from my second year in China, when I could I really enjoy the moon (in 2010 it had been quite cloudy and rainy!):

Happy mid-autumn festival

From the top: mooncake, the moon, 中 (中秋=mid-autumn)

Zhōngqiū jié kuàilè! !

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Back to Stavanger!

26 08 2014

No, not moving back, just a long weekend for Aikido of course, and a walk to Prekestolen, long time no do!

All in all a great check to see my condition level: I am in pain for both elbow and knee, so I do not have big hopes to perform at high level on the mats or walk fast on the mountain slope, but it will be a check in preparation of October – Indonesian trip.

Anyway, my practice won’t notice in a seminar rich of very good level people from all over Europe: Marc Bachraty sensei visit to Jushinkan Stavanger dojo has become a fixed appointment in their calendar and several Aikidokas have made the trip more than once for the great practice and atmosphere in the dojo.

For me another great chance to meet old friends, both Aikido ones and not. Another chance to practice after a summer where my knees did not touch much tatami. Another chance to see if the physiotherapy of my elbow has been a little useful or not (I am thinking not lately, in fact I do not think there will be much physio after this seminar). Another chance to see again a little more of Stavanger after some time. And probably enjoy again :-)

I can say it is another chance also to get back writing on the blog: I did start a few posts dedicated to some of the many amazing teachers I met (all from only my personal point of view of course) and I definitively want to keep on writing, but the summer has flown away with so little practice and so many other things that very little came out here. Also right now I got myself in a very annoying situation related to money, bank and internet.. that I hope to manage to get out without too large losses.. and this does not help..

Anyway, even if the summer is over, winter is coming, for me it is going to be more or less the first summer Aikido practice that I hope will lead me into a good beginning of the autumn, both Aikido wise and mentally.. with the hope to manage to preserve my physical condition until Irie sensei seminar in Indonesia. And then for the week after the seminar, for some travel/vacation in Bali with 2 good friends!

First though a quite long flight via Frankfurt, arrival late night and then get to the dojo, for the first and only night alone, when I will not need the ear plugs! From tomorrow it will be most probably a… completely different music!


My song!

8 08 2014

Thanks to a colleague, I finally can show the world that I don’t look good naked anymore:

On the other hand, by making such a funny video one can be surrounded by young hot girls.. might not good luck, but he ain’t stupid!

Gay Parade in Amsterdam

5 08 2014

An extremely cool parade on Amsterdam canals, a party for both straight and not! A day of smiles, colors, fun and love!

Gay Parade 2014 Gay Parade 2014

First time attending the Gay Parade in Amsterdam last Saturday and it was a very good experience, at least the part I remember, before the devilish alcoholic mix kicked in and then my memories became foggy.. and I preferred to not look at the pictures taken by my friends ;-) Read the rest of this entry »

Sexy Qixi Chinese S. Valentine perfect present

1 08 2014

Today it is Qixi festival, the equivalent of Chinese S. Valentine and a fruit vendor got out with a brilliant funny sexy idea:

sexy Valentine

They call them “Ripe Fruit” (蜜桃成熟時) and they have changed the life of the guy that made them, and patented them!

This is NOT China!

18 07 2014

One too many..

Contacts, friends on FB are circulating a video of an Asian market place where they keep rats in cages and then they “prepare” them for food, including the killing and the cutting..

The video is this one (someone might be disgusted, your own risk to watch it or not!):

..and even if also the idiot that posted it on Youtube claimed it is in China, language and clothing identify it at once as Vietnam (or, Mekong area, but other searches on Youtube say it is typical in Vietnam).

Now, many people in Europe seem to know only China as Asian country, and of course they seem to look for any excuse to make fun of Chinese people and tradition and culture.

This is one of those cases that ignorance becomes idiocy: I lived there, I have seen lots of funny and weird things, things I would probably not eat, other things I tried, like the crickets on skewer in Lijiang (my philosophy is to try everything, then decide if I like it or not). In Chinese traditional medicine some bugs are used in the curative mix.

But maybe people forget “delicacies” like haggies:


..or other animal parts like testicles are recognized as special food in several countries..

One thing is anyway sure:

I miss a lot Chinese food!!!

Summer time

17 07 2014

Enjoying a summer evening in the park, after work, with a good book and a fresh drink….



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